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SimPlant® Product Overview

Planning dental software packages which include SimPlant® Planner, SimPlant® Pro, SimPlant® Master, and SimPlant® View. SimPlant® Planner User

SimPlant® Planner allows you to plan implants in 3D.

SimPlant® Planner is for the dental surgeon who likes the comfort of receiving a cleaned-up 3D image of his patient delivered to his doorstep. Your partner in this procedure is the SimPlant® Master who will process your (CB) CT data and convert them into cleaned-up 3D files, ready for dental implant planning.

SimPlant® Planner has been created to help the implant dentist determine the perfect location for every implant while at the same time achieving the finest esthetic result. SimPlant® Planner is full of tools that embody that purpose:

  • Easy implant creation
  • A library with more than 8000 different implants and abutments
  • Nerve creation
  • 3D transparency tool for investigation of the position of the nerve towards the implants
  • Easy assessment of the bone density
  • True 3D planning, involving realistic implants and views inside the bone
  • Ordering of a SurgiGuide® for sub-millimeter surgery

If you would like to convert your patient’s (CB) CT images yourself, please refer to the SimPlant® Pro software package.

SimPlant® Pro User

If you wish to not only plan your implants, but also convert your patient’s (CB) CT images yourself, you will need SimPlant® Pro.

SimPlant® Pro allows you to read your data coming from any (CB) CT scanner and generate nice 3D representations of your patient’s anatomy without scatter or any other artifacts. Plan your operation, just like any SimPlant® Planner user, straight from scanning to planning and no servicing fees required!
You’re a Pro now. You are entirely independent. Feeling ready to grow a business? Then maybe you are ready to become a SimPlant® Master!

SimPlant® Master User

If you plan to develop a business in converting (CB) CT images, SimPlant® Master will be the perfect solution for you.

SimPlant® Master can read from any type of scanner, and send files to all types of SimPlant® users: whether they are View, Planner or Pro users! You are the one who reads the CT or cone-beam images. You are the one who generates the nice 3D anatomical objects. You are the one who charges on a case-by-case basis. SimPlant® Master generates a business: your client base is not limited to the licensed SimPlant® software users, but also includes all dental practitioners!

SimPlant® View User

Interactive 3D Viewer for better communication
SimPlant® View is the world’s first free interactive 3D viewer that allows implant treatment plan communication between all members of the team: dental lab, referring clinicians and patient. Improved communication leads to better case acceptance and better results.

Available for everyone 
SimPlant® View is freeware which you distribute to anyone in your communication loop. It can be installed on any pc. SimPlant® View is user-friendly dental practice software that offers an interactive 3D image, zoom functions, multiple contrast settings, distance and angle measurement tools, 2D images at the implant locations, and more.

Various ways to use SimPlant® View 
You can put the treatment plan on the screen in the operating theatre, without having to install licensed SimPlant®.

You can have the restorative dentist review your plan without him or her having to install licensed SimPlant®. The patient takes the file home, shows it around, and makes you look professional. If you want to create your own viewable files, do an implant treatment plan, or order SurgiGuide® drill guides, you are ready for SimPlant® Planner.

What’s New? 

SuperView is an optional module in SimPlant® Pro and SimPlant® Master that empowers you to additionally distribute all 2D images as well with 1-click navigation. Restorative doctors as well as referring specialists for imaging (Implants, Orthognathic, ENT, Ortho, TMJ, Endo…) will diagnose more accurately with user-friendly SimPlant® View freeware!

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NobelGuide Product Overview

NobelGuide is a powerful, versatile system that is easy and intuitive to use. With NobelGuide, all important decisions may be considered prior to surgery.

What’s more, as an innovation leader in implant and digital dentistry, Nobel Biocare is a pioneer in the dental industry. With NobelGuide, you can leverage this powerful technology to enhance your business, dental practice, and treatment strategies.

Tailored surgical tooling
NobelGuide delivers precise, guided dental implant insertion. It includes drill guides for the surgical template and provides a guided implant mount that is compatible with the implant system.

Suitable for all indications
Nobel Biocare implants can be planned and placed for all indications – from single units to edentulous cases.

Prosthetic-driven implant planning
Planning begins from a prosthetic requirement perspective. This meets today’s needs for modern treatment practices and innovative materials.

Enables immediate loading and pre-fabricated prosthetic solutions
NobelGuide gives a full range of loading approaches: immediate loading, early loading, or delayed loading.

Safe and predictable treatment
A clear understanding of the anatomical and prosthetic characteristics of the case is gained through thorough diagnostics, and as a result the surgical intervention can be well prepared and documented. The success of the future prosthetic reconstruction is ensured.

Increased quality and efficiency
NobelGuide™ provides cross-functional treatment teams with powerful tools to share planning information and to facilitate collaboration. It also offers a single source for system support and component ordering.

Increased patient confidence and comfort
In many cases, patients have questions regarding a surgical procedure. With NobelGuide™, dentists can demonstrate pre-surgery considerations, so patients are better informed and more confident.

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