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Van Hook Dental Studio offers you a comprehensive source for all of your implant specific needs; from implant systems and abutments to restorative and prosthetic solutions, our implant team is highly skilled in the intricacies of implant case planning and fabrication through CAD/CAM dentistry. Our specialized team approach enables surgeons and restorative doctors to choose a variety of combinations and approaches to restorative options for your implant requirements.

As a Certified Master SimPlant Site and Certified Fast Track facility we are able to scan, plan and order your surgical guides. We have partnered with only the forefront of digital programs such as the NobelGuide, 3i Navigator and Astra Facilitate for optimal planning information. As Masters in this software arena, our team is fully able to recognize radiographic data to assist you in choosing the most ideal treatment plans for your patients specific needs. See the section on Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Surgery for more information.

In addition to these dedicated skills, we continue to foster working relationships with all of the implant manufacturers to continually educate our technicians in the latest implant technology, furthering our ability to meet your implant treatment needs. Because of these relationships, our technicians have acquired the knowledge to help you choose the right approach for each individual case. Please refer to our partners page for further information on implant systems and abutments that we use.

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Guided Implant Surgery with Placement of a Presurgical CAD/CAM Patient-Specific Abutment and Provisional in the Esthetic Zone

George A. Mandelaris, DDS, MS; and Scott D. Vlk, DDS

Parallel use of implant treatment planning software and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) can, using certain criteria, consolidate steps and streamline tooth replacement strategies. The authors describe such a case in the esthetic zone whereby flapless extraction and immediate implant placement using CT-guided surgery were performed simultaneously, with placement of a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufactured (CAD/CAM) patient-specific abutment and non-occlusal function provisional in a single visit (supporting the “one-abutment, one-time” concept). An over-retained primary cuspid in a periodontally healthy woman with well-controlled type-2 diabetes was replaced with an implant and CAD/CAM patient-specific abutment in the No. 11 position. A necessary implant-axis angle correction was customized using digital information from a CBCT scan and implant treatment planning software, without the need for site development or a conventional impression. This data integration and streamlined workflow enabled fabrication of a CAD/CAM patient-specific abutment before surgical treatment. The abutment remained in place from implant surgery to the prosthetic phase, with minimal soft-tissue changes, enabling preservation of pink esthetics and expediting treatment. The result was a preserved emergence profile in the presence of high esthetic demands. However, due to slight post-extraction soft-tissue changes, digital reformatting of the abutment was required when the final crown was fabricated, thus limiting the disruption of the biologic width to a one-time occurrence. The importance of case selection for this treatment protocol in the esthetic zone cannot be overemphasized. A thick crestal dentoalveolar bone phenotype (> 1 mm, approaching 2 mm in this case), broad zone of attached and keratinized gingiva (3 mm to 4 mm in this case), adequate peri-implant soft-tissue thickness (> 1 mm in this case), and high primary implant stability (ISQ = 80 in this case) were all critical factors influencing outcome.

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Guided Implant Surgery with Placement of a Presurgical CAD/CAM Patient-Specific Abutment and Provisional in the Esthetic Zone.

Guided Implant Surgery with Placement of a Presurgical CAD/CAM Patient-Specific Abutment and Provisional in the Esthetic Zone.