ATLANTIS™ Conus Concept Implant-borne, removable solution

A stable and comfortable solution for edentulous patients


With the ATLANTIS Conus concept, patients are provided with a unique, cost-effective, friction-retained and non resilient, prosthetic solution, for renewed comfort and confidence.

This implant-supported solution helps to eliminate problems often associated with dentures, such as pain of pressure of ill-fitting dentures and atrophy as a result of inactivity or pressure requiring relining of existing denture.

The ATLANTIS Conus concept makes it easy and convenient to provide an excellent foundation for optimal function and esthetics using your preferred implant system(s).


A patient-specific solution that saves time and increases profitability

ATLANTIS Conus concept allows you to provide fully edentulous patients with the stability of afriction-retained, non-resilient prosthesis, but the comfort of a fixed restoration.

The concept is composed of patient-specific ATLANTIS Conus Abutments together withprefabricated SynCone caps. The friction-retained SynCone caps are part of the SynCone concept, a proven solution that has been used since 2001. ATLANTIS Conus Abutments are individually designed using the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software. This ensures that all abutments are parallel to each other, that their restorative margin are as close to the soft tissue as possible, and that they are positioned in relation to the space needed for the final restoration.

The ATLANTIS Conus concept enhances practice profitability by eliminating the need for design, manual adjustment and investment in prefabricated abutments.

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