capteklogoVan Hook Dental Studio has proudly offered Advanced Captekt solutions for over ten years. Our expertise with Captek™ will bring your office and patients tremendous benefits.

The secret of Captek’s success is the advanced “Capillary Technology” used to produce the gold coping for Captek crowns and bridges.


Beautiful and Natural-Looking
A revitalized smile can increase your self-confidence and enhance feelings of well-being. Captek Crowns and Bridges are cosmetic, healthy and durable; an advanced material designed for the patient who demands the best.

Perfect for Achieving Vital, Attractive Tooth Color
The light-dispersion effects of Captek Crowns and Bridges are designed to mimic those of healthy natural tooth structure. Captek is also ideal for matching natural tooth color following whitening procedures.


captekNo Unsightly “Black Lines”
Captek’s patented advanced gold material enables your dentist to provide you with a crown that will look natural at the gum line, eliminating any unsightly gray or black lines commonly associated with traditional crowns.

Reduces Plaque and Bacteria / Helps to Maintain General Health
Bacteria in the mouth can result in periodontal disease, bad breath, heart disease, lung infections and even a weakened immune system. Captek’s advanced gold material reduces the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure.


Captek’s Crowns and Bridges were proven to be exceptionally strong and durable. The exceptional physical properties of the advanced gold material are derived from the patented reinforcing internal structure of Captek. This structure is designed to reduce the stresses between the porcelain and Captek gold.