Dental Implants

Van Hook Dental Studio has been nationally recognized as one of the leading laboratories in Dental Implant Dentistry. Our implant services are the most comprehensive that the industry has to offer.

Pre-Surgical Planning

Van Hook Dental Studio starts with pre-surgical planning utilizing your CBCT scans and can assist you and your surgical specialist with case planning and a full digital treatment plan. Our digital treatment planning services has eliminated the need for scanning appliances, which can add additional costs, and allows you to prostheticly treatment plan your cases using a full diagnostic wax-up of the proposed tooth position. Visit Van Hook Dental Studio’s Crystal Imaging Services.

Surgical Guides

Once your Digital Treatment Plan is completes, a knowledgeable technical expert will assist you in surgical guide selection and take it through fabrication. We will discuss with you guided surgery options and assist with making sure that you have the proper instrumentation for your surgery.


As you already are aware, digital dentistry is one of the most exciting areas in the field of dental technologies right now. It’s an area that is gaining interest and What separates Van Hook Dental Studio from other competitors that offer treatment planning services is the ability to take your cases through the entire restorative process starting with the provisional phase. We now have the ability to provide you with a laboratory-fabricated provisional that is constructed off of your CBCT data and the optical scanning of the models. This will give you the opportunity to provide your patients with an immediate (non-functional) provisional the same day as the surgery without the need to take post-surgical impressions. This can be a great benefit to you and your patients as they can have a “replacement tooth” placed immediately after surgery and no longer have the need for a “Flipper” type of provisional.

Final Restorations

After your patient has completed the provisional phase of dental implant treatment and they are ready for the definitive restoration, Van Hook Dental Studio has all of your restorative needs covered with one of our All-Exclusive Restorative Packages. You can choose from either a Custom Titanium or Zirconia abutment that are completely designed and fabricated using CAD/CAM technology. This technology assures that both the emergence profile and the margin position are ideal to support the final restoration, minimizing the potential for cement entrapment. Your Restorative Package also allows you to choose any type of restorative material for your crown that you prefer. We offer e.max, All-Zirconia, Layered Zirconia, of PFM crowns to compliment the abutment of choice. Van Hook Dental Studio also offers the best in screw-retained options as well, so let us know your preferences and see why Van Hook Dental Studio will always be your first choice for Dental Implant Restorations. Please view our Implant Rx to learn more about our implant restoration options!


Edentulous Patients

When it comes to your fully edentulous patients, Experience Matters! Van Hook Dental Studio restores more implant related edentulous patients in one week than most labs see in a full year. We have become experts in the field of immediate loading and hybrid restorations. Whether you patient has a two-implant overdenture, or a full-arch fixed reconstruction, Van Hook Dental Studio has the experience and expertise to give you predictable and the most esthetic outcomes that your patients deserve.

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