Provisional Temps

One of the greatest services you can offer your patients is a quality provisional restoration.  An esthetic solution for both anterior and posterior provisional needs, our provisionals provide many weeks of comfortable and confident wear. They are ideal for esthetic and implant cases, especially when correct anterior guidance and phonetics are being established.

Our implant provisionals can provide your patients with ideal emergence profiles and assist you with tissue conditioning after dental implant surgery.

For the best in esthetic temporaries for smile reconstructions, Van Hook Dental Studio will fabricate a complete diagnostic wax-up that shows ideal contours and tooth position. We can either give you a series of matrixes for chairside provisionals, or we can fabricate lab-fabricated provisionals to match the diagnostic wax-up. All we need are pre-op models, a bite and a full series of patient photos. See for yourself how exceptional provisionals will help to ensure exceptional final outcomes for your most demanding patients.

Telio CAD

telioTelio CAD blocks are used for the CAD/CAM manufacture of long-term temporaries (maximum wear period: 12 months).Telio CAD restorations are milled in the dental laboratory.

The restorations can be polished quickly and efficiently or they can be characterized with stains. Furthermore, incisal areas may be customized with light-curing layering materials or Telio Lab materials to attain highly esthetic results.


  • Durable shade stability and lifelike fluorescence
  • 6 shades (BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1)
  • High material homogeneity due to industrial manufacturing process


  • Temporary anterior and posterior crowns
  • Temporary anterior and posterior bridges with up to 2 pontics
  • Temporary restorations on implants
  • Therapeutic restorations to correct TMJ problems and occlusal adjustments

Esthetic Temporaries

esthetictempChoose Esthetic Temporaries for a temporary restoration that exhibits lifelike esthetics that rival natural teeth. Made from a specially processed heat-cured acrylic, Esthetic Temporaries offer a hygienic solution, durability and prevent fluid absorption. Please send a preoperative study model with opposing and bite registration, along with full facial photographs. At the prep appointment,  simply reline and cement this provisional restoration using methyl methacrylate reline material. Indicate which teeth will be involved, including abutments, pontics and shade. Be sure to include the patients desired outcome.