VH Bruxer (All-Zirconia)

all-zirconiaVH Bruxer All-Zirconia Crowns from Van Hook Dental Studio are a new option for your posterior restorations. These crowns are virtually unbreakable and you can provide your patients the strength to withstand severe bruxism and avoid full metal restorations. VH Bruxer Crowns are a full contoured crown or bridge with no porcelain overlay. It is glazed with a smooth surface but designed specifically for the posterior
with more emphasis on brawn than beauty.

VH Bruxer Advantages

VH Bruxer All-Zirconia Crowns are ideal for bruxers & grinders who have destroyed other restorations. They are an esthetic alternative to posterior PFMs with metal occlusals and full-cast
VH Bruxer Crowns are made with biocompatible medical-grade zirconia, and fully monolithic making the restoration completely chip-proof.
They are also fabricated using CAD/CAM technology for consistent fit.

Cementation Recommendations

  • Resin reinforced glass ionomer cement (RelyX, 3M ESPE; GCFuji Plus, GC America)
  • Resin cements for short or over-tapered preparations (Unicem, 3M ESPE)

Preparation Requirements 

With VH Bruxer All-Zirconia Crowns, a shoulder preparation is not needed; feather edge margin preparations are okay.

1.0mm of occlusal space is ideal, however a prep with at least 0.5mm is acceptable.