Abutments & Components

Having the right parts on the day of surgery can make or break the prosthetic success of the case. Even with precise pre-surgical planning, things do come up during surgery that may need a change to the original plan such as, a different size implant, or different angulation. Van Hook Dental Studio brings over one hundred different parts to surgery to make sure that we can handle any situation that may come up. The patient expectation is a fixed provisional and I wouldn’t want the reason for not loading to be because we didn’t have the right components. Van Hook Dental Studio takes on all of the investment in inventory so you only get charged for the components used and don’t have to worry about over-buying and dealing with returns, even if we open and not use an abutment, you only are charged with the components used. Talk with Lisa, the Lead Concierge, about our All-Exclusive options where all components are covered under one fixed price.