Conversion Service

The day of surgery is a big day for everyone involved, mostly the patient. All of the planning and coordination come together to provide the patient with the most efficient and comfortable experience possible. Minimizing complications and delays will help keep your patient comfortable throughout the surgical time. After the implants are placed and confirmed to have the minimum torque value for immediate loading, the abutments are placed and the surgical specialist closes up the site making sure that the abutment platforms are still accessible. At this time the prosthetic portion of the procedure begins.

A technical specialist from Van Hook Dental Studio is present to assist with the delivery and conversion of the provisional prosthesis. We have assisted in over one thousand arches to date and yes, experience does matter. We have developed quick and efficient techniques to chairside pick-up the implants and deliver the fixed provisional in usually about an hour. This quick turn-around assists the surgical specialist with patient management and minimizes the amount of time that the patient needs to be sedated or anesthetized.

The provisional is warrantied for nine months and Van Hook Dental Studio will repair any fractures or complications at no charge during that time.