Surgical Guide Options

Once the Virtual Treatment Plan is finalized, we will discuss your surgical guide options. Van Hook Dental Studio offers any guide option that your surgical specialist will need to ensure a predictable and ideal outcome.

Model Based Trough Guide

This is the most common guide for immediate load situations that we make. This type of guide, made from a clear duplicate of the provisional restoration, gives your surgical specialist the ideal prosthetic guidelines for bone reduction, buccal-lingual angulation, and basic implant positions all based on the digital treatment plan.

Pilot Guide

This type of guide is made from a steriolithograph process. This type of guide is site specific and will guide your pilot drills to the exact positions that were planned in the software. The rest of the drilling protocols and the implant placement is then completed using conventional protocols.

Full Guided Surgery

Fully guided surgery for immediate load cases has become a popular option for even the most experienced surgical specialists. This type of guide gives the surgical specialist complete control of both depth control and angulation for each drill as well as depth control for the placement of the implant (some implant companies don’t have implant depth control at this time, we can advise you on the implant systems that support this feature). Van Hook Dental Studio can assist you with ensuring that you have the proper instrumentation needed to complete this type of surgery. Guided surgery is available (in most situations) for both fully and partially edentulous patients that are undergoing full immediate loading procedures.