Web Meeting

A web meeting is setup with the surgical specialist, restorative dentist and a laboratory technical consultant. During this meeting you will be able to see all of the vital areas of your patient, such as major nerve canals, sinus areas, bone volume and quality. You will also be able to see the virtual wax-up of the prosthetics to see how the implant positions can support the proposed new dentition. This is vital information to identify important factors such as screw access holes, amount of bone reduction, and the length of the prosthesis. Analyzing this data can also help to determine if immediate loading is a possibility or if further surgical procedures may be necessary. Van Hook Dental Studio provides this service to you without any capital investment to you for software.

We will provide you with a report, which includes a complete analysis of each implant site or you can choose a viewer file that you can manipulate to see each view for yourself.

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