IOS (Intraoral Scanning)

It’s simple: scan and send to vhdigital

Today’s digital advances in dentistry allow for consistent, exceptional fit and quality for laboratory restorations. vhdigital complements your intraoral scanner to create accurate digital impressions; leading to better restorations, better patient experience, and less chair time. We work with all IOS devices, and their unique submission process. After receiving your scan, we’ll employ CAD/CAM technology to design and ideal restoration for your patient.

3 Shape

3Shape TRIOS®

  1. Access the 3Shape portal,
  2. Login using your 3Shape Communicate™ credentials
  3. Through 3Shape Communicate™, add us to your Connections
  4. Search for Van Hook Dental Studio by the email: 

iTero Element

  1. Call iTero Customer Support directly (800-577-8767
  2. Select Option 1 
  3. Request to add Van Hook Dental Studio by our phone number 480-730-5998 or our lab ID 

Sirona Connect

  1. Access the Sirona Connect website, 
  2. Login using your Sirona Connect credentials 
  3. Click ‘My Account’ and ‘My Favorite Labs’
  4. Add us to your Favorite Labs by searching our email:


Add us to the CS Connect portal by searching for our email: 

*After case is submitted, refresh browser to ensure that it sends to us

Medit i500

  1. Open the Medit Link software
  2. Add us as a partner in My Partner List:
  3. Log in to with the administrator account
    1. Go to Partners on the left pane 
    2. Search for Van Hook Dental Studio by the email 
    3. Click ‘Request Partnership’

3M True Definition Scanner

  1. Log in to your 3M Connection Center account using your credentials
  2. Complete the True Definition prescription 
  3. Upload scan data to the 3M Communication Center for submission
Planmeca Emerald

Planmeca Emerald

  1. Select ‘Find a Lab’ option on your scanner 
  2. Search for Van Hook Dental Studio 
  3. Add Van Hook Dental Studio


  1. Open your VivaScan software
  2. Go to settings in the top right corner
  3. Click on the second tab “Send” and go to “Lab info”
  4. Add Van Hook Dental Studio as a new Lab using email and phone number 480-730-5998