You have options

Through digital technology, our talented ceramists create the finest cosmetic fixed products. We use high quality materials to craft natural-looking restorations that include crowns, bridges, and veneers. With each case, our team will work in accordance with your preferences to deliver precise and esthetic results.


5 days in lab
  • Unbreakable strength
  • Ideal for grinders
  • CAD/CAM fabrication

vhbruxer EZ

5 days in lab
  • Monolithic high translucent zirconia
  • Superior strength
  • CAD/CAM fabrication


5–10 days in lab
  • Highest esthetic material
  • Predictable shade results
  • Adhesive and conventional cementation

PFMs/ceramic to metal

10 days in lab
  • High quality
  • Unbeatable strength
  • Natural esthetics

porcelain fused zirconia (PFZ)

10 days in lab
  • Custom colored, translucent zirconia framework
  • Esthetic ceramic overlay
  • Biocompatible