PPE production

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our company has transformed our digital department to manufacture medical-grade face shields for our healthcare community and frontline workers. Our team has produced over 2,500 face shields for local hospitals and medical providers.

As a special offer to you, we are extending our efforts to protect you and your team during this time.

face shields & replacement plastic

3D printed face shields using Carbon 3D technology. Full face protection with a plastic shield, head piece, and elastic band.

Replacement plastic available for order. We recommend replacing the plastic on your face shields after 5-10 uses, or if the plastic gets scratched or bent.

You can disinfect your face shields with cavicide to disinfect and rubbing alcohol to remove any smudges.

Please be careful when tightening the elastic on your head band. The plastic hooks are stable but with too much pressure, they can snap.

custom mask frame

Custom, 3D scanned face framer that secures procedure masks in place. Eliminates open space between face and procedure mask.

If interested in ordering, please download face scanning instructions (below). You will need to download the Bellus3D face scanning application in the App Store to provide us with your custom file.

When emailing your file to jeremy@vhdental.com, please include the doctor’s name, practice name, and shipping address in your email correspondence.

ear savers

3D printed ear protectors. These devices hook onto procedure/surgical masks to protect ears from irritation and pain.